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Today is the last day when GTA Online players are getting discounts on selected in-game items, but another important gift from Rockstar Games was included in the recently-released “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” DLC. This update brought new vehicles (sports cars), helicopters, boats, planes, new clothing and the opportunity to build a criminal empire in a business office. According to reports, three new maps have been introduced in the most recent DLC that will be featured in the multiplayer content of GTA Online.

If you’ll log into the game today, you’ll have the chance to buy discounted items such as Bulletproof Tires (50%), Car Armor (25%) or Annihilator Helicopters (25%). Also, you’ll get a 25% weapon discount for Carbine, Assault and Compact Rifles, Machine Pistol, SMG, Heavy Shotgun, Combat PDW, All Ammo, Weapon Tints and Etched Finishes, Body Armor and Parachute Bags and Canopies. However, if you’ll miss this weekly sale period, Rockstar will bring a new weekly dose of sales

Rockstar was present at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, but it announced only that the GTA 5 will get a new story DLC and online expansion. Nothing was mentioned about GTA 6, if it’s even in development, but the game’s publisher said that Grand Theft Auto 5 will receive three new maps, as well as new playable character Breathe Cast reported that they will be included in the “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” DLC.

According to iTech Post, the three new maps are named Trading Places IV, V, and VI and players can already access and bookmark them in GTA Online. Each map corresponds to a different location: the Harmony Place Construction Site, the Banning Docks Warehouse and the Lost Club House in Grapeseed.

GTA Online has also received a new gameplay containing CEO missions where players can form Criminal Enterprises and make money black market merchandise marketing. They will steal, store and then sell gods for profits, while expanding their organizations through Los Santos.