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Get the New Google Play Store Update and Become a Beta Tester

One great way of testing new features for apps before they are released for the public to feast on is through beta applications. However, managing that kind of access can often be painful. Thus, Google has been testing ways to fix this problem and version 6.7 might just be the answer.


It has now been rolling out for Android tablets and smartphones. Previously, joining beta apps can’t be done through Google Play. It has to be done through the Web as you must track down beta links or navigate through Google+. With this update though, you will be allowed to do this directly from Google Play.

So if there are changes made to the Play Store app, you will be allowed to directly join beta tests. Hence, you can sign up or leave a program and be able to see if the signup you made for the new beta version was approved. Additionally, you will be able to leave feedbacks for developers to read and that should help them get more information in a timely manner during testing.

This feature has been made live for a moment, but it has been disabled by a server-side switch that may have disabled it. Good thing Google might be able to announce this during the developer conference for Google I/O and enable when the beta testing feature after implementing improvements.

You can enjoy the full features of the Play Store as the new version is already released. You can also get Google Play Store update from APK mirror as quickly as possible.

If dabbling on beta apps is your thing, you should appreciate the new update because it can enhance the experience. In fact, many high quality third-party apps have chosen to launch beta versions so that they can get feedbacks and to test out fresh features.

Of course, since they are just in beta mode, apps can have a few bugs when you test them out. So, if you don’t mind them getting in the way, the new update should be the solution to issues related to managing your access.