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Adobe Flash Player has undergone a lot of criticism lately due to serious security issues rendering the app a gateway for hackers to take control of users’ computers.

Now, security analysts are advising people to either immediately update Flash Player or delete it altogether because there is a persistent threat group that are exploiting the apps vulnerabilities.

According to Kaspersky, the hacker group is named Starcruft and their victims have been reported from countries such as China, India, Russia or South Korea. They tend to target high profile victims by using a 0-day Flash Player exploit.

What happen is that the exploit allows the hackers to cause a crash or even take control of the particular system. The Flash Player versions that are affected are the ones for Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS. Not only that but it affects the last version of Flash Player (, as well as all of the previous versions.

Adobe has stated that the exploit for CVE-2016-4171, is in fact real and that it has been used for targeted attacks and the hackers are taking advantage of a zero-day flaw in the web browser plug-in.

In order to put an end to this problem Adobe has released an update four days ago and had strongly advised people to download it.

So there you have, it’s a very serious matter, and you should definitely either remove the Flash Player app from your computer or immediately update it.

While they hackers appear to target specific high profile users, that doesn’t mean that you are in the clear. This could end up affecting you as well and you probably don’t want someone to take control of your computer and have access to your private info that easily.

We don’t want this to happen either, so we’ve already updated our Adobe Flash Player.