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Will There Be a Worldwide Beta Release for Pokemon GO?

For many gaming fanatics, having access to a game’s beta version is the next-best thing to having the final product. In fact, for some, it’s the best thing ever since they can play the game well before it’s released and make non-beta testers jealous.


This is the case for those who love the Pokemon game franchise and are eagerly waiting for Pokemon GO to be released. The upcoming augment reality game has many people wondering about its release date, but it’s also making several fans ask: will we ever see a worldwide beta release for it?

The answer as of moment seems to be “No.” The beta version of Pokemon GO was released in Japan on March 2016 and made its way to Australia and New Zealand on April 2016. It became available in the U.S. on May 2016, with the first batch of invitations arriving late in May and the second batch arriving last week.

Unfortunately, game developer Niantic and publisher The Pokemon Company have not made any announcements as to when the beta version will be released in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the rest of Northern America. It’s not even clear if the beta version would ever be released in these regions or if the beta testing would stop in the United States.

This is different from Niantic’s first augmented reality game Ingress, whose beta version was available worldwide from the start. It seems that Ingress and Pokemon GO will inherently be different because, aside from having varying beta release patterns, Ingress had a slower release frame. Niantic took a full year to release the full version of Ingress, whereas they’re expected to release Pokemon GO just after a few months of beta testing.

For now, those who are in the U.S. can register for the beta test by going to and fill out the given form. It’s important to note that signing up doesn’t automatically guarantee that they’ll become beta testers since Niantic will choose those who are fully eligible to test the game and can contribute ideas for its improvement.

Those who are not in the U.S., meanwhile, should stay tuned for the announcement either for the worldwide beta or the release date of the final product. Pokemon GO is expected to be a part of Nintendo’s exhibit during E3 2016, and the gaming giant will reportedly announce the actual release date of the much-awaited augmented reality game during the event.