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The WhatsApp Desktop app has finally made its debut. There’s no reason people need their smartphone to chat with their WhatsApp friends. Instead, they just need an official Mac and Windows app to chat away.

Rumors have been going around that WhatsApp developers were working hard on a desktop app – and it appears the rumors were true. WhatsApp has become a leader within the messaging industry, and decided that it needed to release its own PC messaging platform to eliminate users’ need for third-party apps for desktop messaging through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp said the PC platform lets folks stay in touch with each other, regardless of where they are. It doesn’t matter if the computer is at home or work, they can chat on more screens – a reality for the developers at WhatsApp.

In order for people to use the WhatsApp for PC version, they need to turn their smartphone on and have connection to the Internet. This is to prevent a user’s account from being hacked. And, it keeps a person from using accounts that have been compromised.

Basically, each message is sent to one device on WhatsApp – smartphone, office PC, or home system. This ensures a higher level of security.

WhatsApp platform for PC is currently available for operating systems with Windows 8 or later along with Mac OS 10.9 and newer. It can be downloaded through the QR process or from the WhatsApp website.

How To Set Up A WhatsApp Account and Make Use Of The Desktop App

It’s not hard to set up an account on WhatsApp. The only thing is signing up on WhatsApp must be done through a mobile phone; it can’t be done through the desktop app. The reason is that WhatsApp needs a phone number to associate with the account. WhatsApp may also not work on tablets or other similar devices.

For WhatsApp, this a great leap forward. After all, the company understand that not having any kind of PC support was a bad thing for itself, especially against rivals such as Viber, Kik and more. With the introduction of WhatsApp for both smartphones and computers/laptops, the company is working its way to become the best messaging platform in the world.

Still, if one were to look at rankings, it’s already there!