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The WhatsApp is currently one of the most used mobile applications out there and this is confirmed by over 1 billion monthly active users, who are spoiled with new updates from time to time. The most privileged ones are those who own an Android smartphone and today we will talk about the latest WhatsApp BETA version that was just released.

The WhatsApp version 2.16.128 is the latest BETA version for Android devices and as you probably know already, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. We remind you that, before, you had to manually install the latest WhatsApp BETA version on your Android device. However, now, you can become a WhatsApp BETA tester on the Google Play Store and download/install it from there. We will explain you the steps that you will need to take to become a WhatsApp BETA tester later in this article.

The WhatsApp 2.16.128 APK (installation) file has been increased by 25KB, it has 10 modified files, but enough to change the version number of the application. Unfortunately, the new WhatsApp BETA version doesn’t come with any new feature/option and, instead, it fixes some of the bugs and errors that the developers have discovered.

Unfortunately, the developers of WhatsApp haven’t confirmed yet the rumored Video Calling feature and we’re not sure if or when this option will be released for this application. However, one thing is sure: in order to keep up the pace with other mobile messaging applications, the Video Calling feature needs to be brought to the WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp 2.16.128 BETA: How To Install On Your Android Device

As we’ve told you above, the WhatsApp 2.16.128 BETA can be installed directly from the Google Play Store. To become a WhatsApp BETA tester, you will need to head to this page and tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button and that’s it. Once you become a WhatsApp BETA tester, you will need to launch the Google Play Store, search for WhatsApp 2.16.128 and install it on your Android device.

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