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Google Play Store app comes installed on all Android mobile devices and it gives access to the magic world of applications and games for Android. From time to time, Google releases updates with bug fixes, but there are still problems that gives users headaches. Fortunately, some of the issues can be easily solved and below, we’ll tell you what to do to make Google Play Store app run properly.

Check The Date And Time

When Google Play Store doesn’t find the time and date on your smartphone, Google’s servers are unable to sync with the device and this leads to issues. In order to fix them, you need to go to your device’s Settings and tap on Date and Time under System. If the option is not set on the Automatic date and time, toggle it on. If the option is already set on automatic, but Google Play Store doesn’t work, you must manually set the date and time.

Clear App Cache

Many applications work normally again after emptying the cache, which is a storage area where data is temporarily hold. So, in order to get rid of temporary files, head to Settings, Apps or Application manager and scroll down until you see Clear cache. Another way to get here is by accessing Storage. After clearing cache, check if the issue has been solved. If not, take more drastic measures – clear out Play Store data, by following the same steps. We must warn you that if you have important saved information, by deleting Play Store data you will be sent to square one, so you’ll lose everything.

Clear Data And Cache On Google Play Services

Some of the issues might be related to Google Play Services – which is the “soul” of Android and allows applications to communicate with the device, enabling them to sync etc. So, you might consider clearing the data and cache of Google Play Services by following the same steps you’ve taken to clear the data and cache of Play Store app.

Get The Latest Google Play Store Update

If you haven’t updated this application in a while, it could be the reason why you’re experiencing errors. Before downloading the latest update – by going to Menu, Settings, Auto-update, make sure that Wi-Fi is checked and that you’re connected to a wireless network.

Reset Google Account

This is another drastic solution and it involves refreshing your Google account. You will remove it and add it again, so make sure you haven’t forgotten your login credentials. So, head to Settings, Accounts, tap the Google account, then on the menu icon and choose Remove account. Now, return to Settings and tap Account, where you will see the Add Account option. Tap on it and add your Google account again.

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