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We have heard a lot of updates on the iPhone 7 final design. And while most of them focused on removing the antenna lines, improving the camera and even featuring new iPhone 7 colors, most of them forgot about the main feature – or button – that people use to access and unlock the phone.

Yes – we have seen a major improvement of the home button in the iPhone 6S model where its revamp featured a fingerprint sensor. Thanks to that, we can now unlock our iPhones with only touching the button instead of swiping. And similar to this major improvement, new leaked photos show us the new design – and probably features – the brand new iPhone 7 home button will have.

Here is the leaked photo of the redesigned iPhone 7 button – given and tweeted first by MobiPicker:

iphone 7 home button

Again, the home button in the iPhone 7 will supposedly be touch sensitive – but set on another level. Similar to the Macbook Pro Force Touch Trackpad, the probability of a touch-sensitive home button is high. This will definitely provide a better, faster and smoother experience and uplevel the ease of using the iPhone 7.

As you can see from the leaked iPhone 7 photo provided above, the button seems to have no actual spaces showing us that it would be clickable. Instead, it lies flat which is a possible indicator of the touch-sensitive feature it may hold.

iphone 7 concept
Will the iPhone 7 look like this?

From another point of view, this new touch sensitive technology suggests us that the home button will be a part of iPhone 7’s front screen and may be costly to replace. On the off side, it would be one of the greatest updates we have seen on a smartphone – and probably include Apple’s 3D Touch capabilities and a difference between soft and light touches.

However, this home button update is another one of the rumors showing us that the iPhone 7 still lies in its comfort zone – and that we won’t see a major breakthrough update like when the iPhone 6 rolled out. This, will be an event set for next year – when Apple will probably present a heavily revised device marking iPhone’s 10 year birthday.

In the end, the market definitely wants to see better features, a new headset and a revamped camera in the new iPhone 7. After all, these features must be here – in order to convince people that the new iPhone 7 is a good upgrade.