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Apple has unveiled iOS 10 at its WWDC event and it released the first beta of this operating system that will be officially launched in September. While there are many users who are still waiting for the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak, a hacker named iH8sn0w has posted a video on YouTube of his jailbroken iPhone 5 running iOS 10 beta.

iH8sn0w isn’t a new name in the jailbreaking community. Back in September 2015, he demonstrated jailbreak with iOS 9 installed on an iPhone 5 and he published his method on Twitter and YouTube, showing verbose booting, custom boot logo, code injection and he finally proved that Cydia store is running. Now he’s back with a new achievement and he proved that was able to jailbreak Apple’s latest operating system, which hasn’t been released yet.

In the video he posted on YouTube, he showed that his jailbroken iPhone 5 can reboot to the Home screen and the Cydia icon could be seen on top of it. Here’s the 3.23-min video in which you’ll see that the Mail app has been removed:

iH8sn0w hasn’t given details regarding the potential exploits he used to jailbreak iOS 10 beta on a 32bit iPhone 5, but speculations suggest that his hack was based on the iBoot exploit he used to jailbreak A5(X) devices. If this is true, then there are low chances to see a potential iOS 10 jailbreak for iPhone 6.

Pangu and TaiG should follow in the footsteps of iH8sn0w, to make greater efforts and to bring a new jailbreak to loyal fans who have are stuck with iOS 9.1 on their devices. A iOS 9.3 jailbreak might be nice, but we don’t know what’s its status or if any of the hacker teams will bring an iOS 10 jailbreak soon.