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Do you need a clean install of the Windows 10? There have been many controversies over the past year regarding the Windows 10 and most of all, its privacy settings and intolerable update notifications.

First of all, Microsoft’s privacy statement clearly shows that they will be able to read and take possession of any information you provide them. Along with that, many users have been raging against the scheduled updates that happen anytime – and that anytime can be the worst time.

So, is there a way to get rid of these issues and install Windows 10 in a clean and easy way?

install windows 10

Yes – there is a new tool that lets you erase all applications that do not come as stock with Windows. In other words, if you recently bought a Windows 10 PC and want to remove any of the bloatware previously installed on the machine, you can do it with this app. Aside from that, this tool makes it easy to throw out or sell your Windows 10 PC with previously erasing all the information you had on it.

You can read more about this tool here, and download it directly from here.

Although this tool is not available outside of the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, it will definitely be included in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update edition that will roll out later this summer. After all, the tool is official and you should have no worries at all when installing it.

As you can read on the link above, this is a clean copy installation of Windows 10 that is not able to keep your personal files. Therefore, you must back your computer up before starting the installation. Same goes for all the applications that do not come standard with Windows 10 and the ones that include other external programs.

So, are you ready to install Windows 10 in a clean and fresh way?

Here are the steps you should follow during the installation:

  1. Download and Run the tool
  2. Review and Accept the License Terms.  Declining the License Terms will exit the tool
  3. Choose what you want to keep.  If you want to keep your personal files, choose the Keep personal files only option
    If you want to remove everything, choose the Nothing option

    Warning: Regardless of your selection at this step, this tool will perform a clean installation of Windows.  All applications that came with or were manually installed on your PC will be removed, including paid applications.  Apps that come standard with Windows 10 (Mail and Edge for example) will be preserved.  

  4. Select the Install button to start the clean installation.  The rest of the process will be automatic, but you can cancel if needed while the Windows 10 Setup dialog is still shown, until your PC reboots.

That’s it, folks. No more buggy installations – Windows 10 is finally here with a clean version.