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As you probably know, in April 2016 Facebook launched a set of apps for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile such as the Facebook and Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile.

The latest development in this sense is that some smartphone users can now download Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile. However, it’s only a beta version and if you really want to test it out you’ll have to make some changes to your region settings. By that we mean that you’ll have to change your region to France (if you’re from France, you don’t have to do anything).

Then, you’ll have to search for it in the app library, download it and install it. When it’s done, you can go back to your previous region settings.

According to some tech blogs and users these new Facebook apps for Windows 10 are very rich in features, but are still slightly behind the app versions for iOS. For example, you can’t use voice calling on Facebook Messenger for Windows 10, but you can use it on iOS based devices.

Another very noticeable aspect of the Facebook apps for Windows 10 is that they don’t use the OS’s design language. You get features such as live tile support for example, but there aren’t any interactive notifications so far. However, it’s only a beta so we might end up seeing those features in the final build.

Overall, this Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile has almost all of the features we can find on the Android and iOS Facebook apps and there are very few differences. The only feature that probably won’t make it into the final build is the Go Live one because at this point it’s only being tested by PC users and it doesn’t seem to be doing very well there.