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Good news for all of the Elder Scrolls fans and players out there! There will be a 6th installment in the Elder Scrolls game series but it won’t be released anytime soon.

This was announced by Todd Howard, Bethesda game director, in an interview with Geoff Keighley at the E3 2016 event. While discussing Skyrim, the conversation inevitably steered towards the Elder Scrolls 6 issue and Howard decided to reveal that Bethesda has indeed started work on the next game in the series.

However, given that there are two other large projects on Bethesda’s schedule, the Elder Scrolls 6 launch will not happen in the near future – Howard said that it’s still a very long way off. He also mentioned that they will be focusing on the quality of the game and that they don’t want to rush anything.

Since the development of the 6th installment of Elder Scrolls is delayed by two major Bethesda projects, you’re probably wandering what those are. Well, we don’t know, because Todd Howard was very mysterious about them.

All he had to say about those projects was that they are bigger than anything they have done until now. Furthermore, they are expected be released way ahead of Elder Scrolls 6. This is actually good info because games will be able to tell approximately when they should start to really look forward to the Elder Scrolls game release.

Until then Elder Scroll fans, you can take comfort in knowing that a remastered and enhanced version of ‘The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’ will come to PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4 on the 28th of October 2016. This special edition will come with all of the DLCs so far plus many new features like console mod supports, tweaks and graphic enhancements that fans will surely enjoy.