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Finally, both Apple and Samsung have a pay service, so you won’t need to endlessly look for your credit cards when you go shopping. You just have to select the way you prefer to pay, the card you use, scan the fingerprint and just tap on the screen. However, it may prove to be quite right to decide on what payment method you want and the compatible smartphones: payment limit, retailers and banks.

When it comes to supported banks, Apple has been using American Express ever since the beginning. Later on, they also added OCBC, UOB, DBS/POSB and Standard Chartered. They do lack Citibank, which Samsung supplies. However, Samsung does not offer the option to pay with UOB, so those who use this bank might have to wait some time.

If you plan on using this for retailers, you might want to know that this is the easiest way. Any merchant that accepts Mastercard PayPass or payWave from Visa can use all mobile payments. You just have to search for the NFC terminal around with the payWave/ PayPass logo. Samsung adds a great thing called MST – magnetic secure transmission, a feature that further secures the transaction by emitting a magnetic signal.

The sad part when paying with your credit card is the fact that you tend to spend a whole lot more. That’s why payWave and PayPass have a (very useful) spending limit of $100. This is useful most of the time, since it doesn’t let you spend more than you’d want. But what do you do when you’re sure you want to splurge? Now Samsung becomes really useful since it allows you to spend without limit on their Pay system, unlike the NFC one.