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Avid gamers have been waiting for tech giants Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to release their new gaming systems during E3 2016, which takes place on June 14 to 16. However, it seems that only Microsoft was ready to unveil its new console during the electronic entertainment event.

Project Scorpio

The Redmond-based giant revealed Project Scorpio, which is a considerably more modern version of the Xbox One. It’s will provide support for virtual reality hardware, which makes sense since most hardware and software nowadays are leaning toward VR. It also comes with a GPU that’s more powerful compared to the GPU in the current Xbox One and even in the soon-to-be released Xbox One S — a fact that surprised a lot of the people who attended Microsoft’s presentation.

Another thing that impressed gamers and tech experts is the fact that Project Scorpio will have an output of 6 teraflops. This is a huge leap in technology considering that the output of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are only 1.32 and 1.84 teraflops, respectively. Project Scorpio even trumps the rumored output of PlayStation 4K, which is said to be 4.14 teraflops. With 6 teraflops, Xbox Scorpio can provide crisp graphics and make true 4K gaming possible.

The best part about Xbox Scorpio is that it will be able to play games that are built for Xbox One and Xbox S. As a result, gamers won’t have to throw out their old games and waste their hard-earned money.

PS4 Neo and Nintendo NX

PS4 Neo might not have been announced during E3, but Sony has at least confirmed the rumors that have been swirling around. Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House has revealed that they are indeed developing a higher-end PS4 with the ability to support 4K gaming and that they would sell it alongside the standard PS4. House explained that they won’t announce the new PS4 during E3 because they want to showcase the full range of experiences with the new console in their entirety.

Nintendo, meanwhile, has been pretty mum about their upcoming console NX and will focus on the 3DS and the Wii U (as well as other projects like the Pokemon Sun and Moon and The Legend of Zelda) during E3. However, it seems that another company has already done some of the work for them. Game developer Ubisoft surprised E3 attendees has announced that one of their games, “Just Dance”, will be made available for the Nintendo NX. No other titles were announced for the NX, leading many to wonder if “Just Dance” is the only Ubisoft game available for the console or if the developer isn’t allowed to reveal any other Nintendo NX games.