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WhatsApp, for sure, does not need new introduction. It is the most popular mobile messenger application on Android as of the April 2016 report from data analytics firm SimilarWeb. As of that month, it recorded 215 million active users accessing the messenger on a monthly basis, leaving Facebook in the far second position.

With that reputation to maintain, WhatsApp gets some tweaking now and then. Its most recent version for Android 2.16.116 is now available for download online.

What comes with the latest messenger version?

The WhatsApp Messenger v2.16.116 for Android offers new cool and handy features, including:

Fast contact saving – When you receive a contact card, you can now quickly send a message to that contact if he or she is on WhatsApp. You can also quickly save that contact with just a few presses of the button. You can reply to messages right from notifications.

Minimize data usage – Messenger applications can consume lots of data, but WhatsApp now lets you have better control of your data usage during calls with just a few tweakings in the settings. Just go to WhatsApp Settings, select Chats and Calls, and choose from the options provided.

New languages – Two supported languages have been added. Users can now set their WhatsApp language to Urdu or Bengali.

Mark chats as read or unread – With the latest version, you can now mark chats as read or unread. You can also archive, delete or mute multiple chats at once.

Solid color chat wallpaper options – For those fond of color-coding, you can now set specific wallpaper color for your chats from WhatsApp’s set of solid colors.

Format text – You can now emphasize certain text in your messages by surrounding them with special characters. Asterisks are for Bold (ex. *important*); underscores are for Italics (ex. _important_); and tilde for strikethrough (ex. ~important~).

Quickly pick photo or video – Tapping the quick camera button in chat allows you to pick a photo or video which you would like to share to a contact from your camera roll in a jiffy.

The update can be downloaded from Google Play Store, which is always recommended, but if it is taking you ages to get the beta changes and features, users can download it directly from WhatsApp official website. You can also download if from other third party apps websites, but make sure that the whatsapp.apk file they provide is untouched and directly downloaded from WhatsApp official website, ensuring that no malicious modification has been made to the file.

WhatsApp 2.16.118 is also now available. Learn more about it today.