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Steam Summer Sale 2016 Is On! But When and What Have Yet to Be Revealed

Without an official word out yet, all we can rely on are rumors circulating the web about the possible dates for Valve’s Steam Summer Sale 2016, and what people can expect from the most-awaited event. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be awesome, and game lovers out there would be in game heaven for a few weeks.


When is the Steam Summer Sale 2016?

The event is rumored to start mid-June, particularly on the 23rd, and will end on July 4. You have to admit, it is one fantastic way to celebrate Independence Day. What valve has confirmed so far is that the Steam Summer Sale 2016 will happen. Judging from history, Valve is likely to announce the official date at the last minute, which the company loves to do, and has been doing in the past.

If rumors about the dates turn out to be true, the summer sale will closely follow the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a 3-day event that will kick off on June 14. It is likely that Valve will present their game lineups at E3.

What can you expect from the Steam Summer Sale 2016?

Discounts! It’s not a sale without prices going down. But what makes Valve’s version of a sale amazing is that selected games are offered with as much as 90% off. Talk about buying for peanuts. As if that’s not enough, Valve’s Steam Sale may come out with a free-for-all-games list that includes Triple A and classic titles, such as Infamous: Second Son, NBA 2K16, Resident Evil HD Remastered, Psychobreak, The Evil Within and Watch Dogs.

Looking back at the Steam Monster Summer Sale 2015, gamer fans are likely to be drooling with anticipation. Last year’s sale included up to 80% off on Metro Franchise and XCOM Franchise; up to 75% off on Don’t Starve, Sniper Elite Franchise, and Valkyria Chronicles; 66% off on NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Revolution; 60% off on Homeworld Remastered Collection; and 50% off on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Next Car Game: Wreckfest, and X-Plane 10 Global. Grand Theft Auto V was sold with up to 30% off, while Darkest Dungeon is at 25% off.

Is it safe to say to get your pockets ready for the June Steam Summer Sale? Definitely! Regardless of when it will be held, it is guaranteed to satisfy what game fans are looking for – the best titles at a discounted price.