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Resurrection Remix – a mobile software developer – has just released an Android M. based ROM for Sony’s Xperia Z2.

Apart from this, the developer also added a Pitch black theme, gesture control features, a navigation bar and quick slider options and many other awesome options.

If you own Sony’s Xperia Z2, you will have to have the following prerequisites, before downloading and installing this particular ROM, which will improve the device’s performance.

First of all, it only works on the Xperia Z2. If you try to install it on another phone, it might damage it.

Secondly, if you install it, it will render the company’s warranty void because Sony won’t be able to apply any updates in the future. If you want the Sony updates though, you can just switch to the stock ROM.

Thirdly, you’ll have to make sure that the Xperia Z2 is rooted and because it will require a clear memory, you’ll also have to back up all of your data. You can do this by installing Clockwork Mod Recovery on the device.

Lastly, the device has to have at least 80% battery in order for the installation process to work.

Now, you’ll have to follow the procedure exactly if you want to have this ROM.

Step 1. Download the ROM installer and Google Apps on the PC and connect the Xperia Z2 to that PC through an USB cord.

Step 2. You copy and paste both of those installers on the smartphone’s SD card root.

Step 3. Turn off the device and then disconnect it from the PC

Step 4. Perform the Recovery Mode by pressing the Volume, Power and Home buttons at the same time and then clear the phone’s memory by opting for Wipe data.

Step 5. Clear the Cache memory as well by option for Wipe Cache partition

Step 6. Go to the Advanced options of Clockwork Mod Recovery and tap the Wipe dalvik cache option

Step 7. Go back to the recovery screen and choose the Install zip from SD card option

Step 8. First choose the Android zip file for installation and then the Google Apps one.

Step 9. Restart the device by choose the Reboot system now option and that’s it!

Step 10. Go to the Settings menu and then to About phone and see if the ROM is in fact installed.