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The PlayStation 4 version of The Sims 4 might come sooner than expected by gamers, with the latest buzz suggesting that it will be this fall. Although Maxis and Electronic Arts (EA) have been silent about the launch of the game for such a console, reports suggest that it might be released as early as September this year.

Considering the span of time The Sims 4 hit the PC since its predecessor was released, it is rumored that the PS4 edition of the game should be here by now. As you can see, The Sims 3 was released for PC in June 2009 and arrived on PS3 on October 2010, which was 16 months, and by that time, it was made available for smartphones.

If EA and Maxis plan to roll out a console version of this new game, fans believed that it is soon, whether or not it will happen this fall, but they sure want to make it happen. However, some reports state that the game for such console is not yet released because the companies want to release first all of the game’s downloadable content. According to other rumors, the collaborators would want to make sure that moving the game from PC to the console will face no problems.

With the silence about the console front, the two companies are said to be working hard to enrich the life simulation experience in the game. As you can see, the game recently broke gender barriers by making available stuff, like hairstyles and clothing for both genders, rather than making them exclusive to only either one of them.

Concerns Coming with the Game

EA and Maxis have come a long way with the Sims games family, with the updates they have been rolling out catching the hearts of fans without reason. Since its creation, The Sims has always been a PC game, which is where it is observed to play best, but with talks that it will make its way through consoles, many people think that it will not so easy, and of it does, it would not be marketable.

Maxis is also concerned that the game would lose steam, considering how fans liked The Sims 3, which is regarded as the best version of the Sims. Now, this has brought the question whether fans will be more excited about the game when brought to this type of console.