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If you are an owner of PlayStation 4, then you should know that you will soon be able to try out the virtual reality. This is great, because it is better to test out a product before you purchase it, as you surely ask yourself “will I get motion sickness?”, “will I enjoy the VR experience?”, “is the PlayStation VR worth the money?” and many other questions like these.

Well, it seems that Sony has officially announced that the PlayStation VR will be released on October 13, 2016. It is good to know that the variant that contains only the PlayStation VR costs 399 dollars, but there will be also a variant that will include the PlayStation Camera and Move Controllers, which will cost 499.99 dollars.

We have to agree that there’s enough time left until October 13, 2016 and we have to agree that not many gamers will pre-order it, especially because they are not sure if this device will be worth to be purchased.

However, Sony is about to launch a big demo event for the PlayStation VR. According to Sony’s official blog, it will be showing off the PlayStation 4 with playable demo units at various retail stores in the next weekend. This will allow gamers to test out the PlayStation VR before more pre-orders of the virtual reality headset open up soon. If you want to check the closest place from where you can test the PlayStation VR, you will need to head to the official Sony’s website and check out the full list of locations.

Sony had a great idea and we are pretty sure that this will make even more gamers to purchase the PlayStation VR. The headset is pretty good and we think that the price is more than convenient (especially if you purchase the package with the PlayStation Camera and Move Controllers).

Will you pre-order the PlayStation VR once the pre-orders open?