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Valve never unveils in advance when its PC gaming sales begin but this year’s Steam Summer Sale dates were revealed in a tweet from PayPal and they coincide with the dates leaked by a Reddit user.

Hardcore gamers have two annual summer gaming events which they expect like hot cakes: E3 and Valve’s Steam Summer Sale. The former just ended on June 17, while the former is about to begin, only that Valve hasn’t confirmed the date. But, no matter how hard Valve tried to keep secret the date when the Summer Sale is scheduled to start, there was a guy on Reddit who posted a few days ago that the event will kick off on June 23 and will close on July 4 (Independence Day).

Now, we have another confirmation from PayPal UK, who mentioned June 23 on its twitter account. This means that in six days, Valve’s annual Summer Sale will bring much joy and surprises to PC gamers who will have the possibility to buy many discounted titles.

Besides the discounted games (The Evil Within, Infamous: Second Son and Psychobreak are some of the rumored ones), Valve will also cut the price of its Steam controller, which costs now $49.99. With this accessory, gamers are able to play their entire collection of Steam games on their TV, even those that don’t have controller support. Many think that a discount on the Steam Controller will be a little too late, as it was already poorly-received when it was launched in 2015.

However, newer games are expected to get a $20-$30 slash, while older or indie games that are not so popular will be cheapened up to 80 percent. Others believe that even the HTC Vive VR headset, partially produced by Valve, will be discounted during the sale. Currently, the device costs $800, and even if many bought it in the first days after its launch, there are still a lot of people who are waiting for the day when the headset will be affordable.