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Millions of fans all over the world adore Clash of Clans (COC) like crazy. Even to this day, lots of people are enjoying this mobile game that they build an account after another. In fact, many of these fanatics join a community in which they can fight off opponents with reinforcements from fellow clan mates.

For those who are not yet acquainted with this game, it was developed by Supercell as a mobile game for Apple products. Years later, it has been developed to work on Android devices as well. This enabled the COC community to flourish with tons of in-game purchases that made this game loved by so many around the globe.

However, this game may not be that popular without the much needed updates that fans include on their wish lists. In fact, every once in a while fans get excited with every new update that comes along. Here are the latest updates for the Clash of Clans mobile game.

For Town Hall 11, Cannon has been increased to Level 14. Lava Hound was also increased to Level 4. At the same time. Balloon can now be upgraded to Level 7. On the other hand, starting Town Hall 10 onwards, the housing space for Bowlers have been reduced to only 6.

In terms of new content, COC also has these notable updates, including:

New Skeleton Spell – Starting Town Hall 9, you can now summon a skeleton army with this type of spell.

New Clone Spell – This type of spell can clone an army as they pop the moment they enter the surrounding spell. However, the number of army to be spawned will depend on the maximum housing space for the troops.

Baby Dragon – A new addition to the troops is the baby dragon which can be shy around air units but can become enraged without the presence of other air units. This is available from Town Hall 9.

The Miner – Another addition to your troops is the sneaky miner that uses his shovel to burrow underground. This fellow can pass beneath walls and pops right up next to the target. This unit will be unlocked beginning Town Hall 10.

Upon installing this game, a user can’t play without first updating it to the latest version. Clash of Clans can be updated by confirming to the dialog box that pops up. It suggests that there is a new update that needs to be installed before you can proceed. Happy clashing!