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There are some instances that may lead to the disability of the Google Play Store. One of the reasons can be traced back from failure to update the app on a regular basis. Once the Play Store stops and fails to execute when tapped from an Android mobile device, this can’t be fixed with simple restarting or turning on and off routines.

Instances such as this can be resolved by downloading a fresh version of the app and installing it manually. Here are the things that you can do to perform an instant fix without spending money for a technician to take a look at your device.

Check Current Version – You can do this by opening the Google Play app, then open settings and the current version is located at the bottom.

Get a Google Play Store APK – An app of this type has a file extension in APK, so you need to download the Play Store app with this format. Make sure that you do this from trusted sites only. After downloading this from your PC, you can transfer that file to the memory card of your device.

Unknown Sources Settings – If you are going to install the downloaded APK file, you need to enable this feature by entering the device settings. After that, you need to go to Security and locate the Unknown Sources option and enable it by checking the box. A warning message will pop up, but just hit OK to enable your next step of installing APKs from unknown web sources.

Use a File Browser to Install the APK – If you have a file browser from your mobile desktop, open it and navigate to where you copied the Google Play Store APK from your computer. Make sure that you installed the memory card that you used to store the copy. You will be prompted to select which option to use when you want to install the APK file, so choose Package Installer. Upon finishing, you will be prompted that the app has been installed.

Disable the Unknown Sources Setting – Do this method by reversing the process you have done lately before installing the APK file. After installing the APK file you can now enjoy the latest features that Google Play Store has to offer.