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Recently, the Microsoft guys released a beta build for Windows 10. There isn’t much to this build (called 14366), just that it has an Edge addition. It was made for Insiders in the Fast ring, and there are indeed some other improvements regarding the speed in the Store. Besides, the company also made some bug fixes and the aforementioned Edge Office extension. Perhaps one of the most visible changes is the fact that the Recently Added top is placed above the Most Used section in the Start menu.

However, the online extension for Office is quite weird, at least in some fans’ opinions. Why? First of all, the Edge extension works like any other browser, so it doesn’t bring anything new in particular. Secondly, Chrome has received such an extension last year in October. Even more, this was updated in December, which renders the new update quite useless.

The main advantage of the new addition might be the fact that now you can move files to OneDrive simply by dragging and dropping them into the browser. Until now you could only do this in the File Explorer. This implies that when you launch the app for the first time, you will have to choose betwenn the simple option of OneDrive or the business one.

If you go to File and then Open in any Office app on any browser, you will only be able to open files you have stored on the OneDrive. Meanwhile, if you use the Office icon found on the address bar, then click Open, then Browse, you can choose files from the File Explorer in Windows 10. You can also do the same in Chrome and Edge, the path is the same. As it seems, the new Online extension for Office is copied from the one available for Chrome.

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