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Android devices have a new WhatsApp BETA version that offers the much anticipated Video Calling option. However, it’s not an active feature and it has been removed from a later update. It’s a sign that a Video Calling feature is on the horizon and could be seen for BETA users once more in the near future.

WhatsApp Video Calling feature is one that’s been in the development stage for some time. Some time ago, there were some leaked screenshots that showed a WhatsApp iOS version that had the Video Calling feature on it. Time has passed, and even though it’s not an option yet, chances are it will be, but first it’ll only be available for BETA versions first.

Users have noted the Video Call option was in the WhatsApp 2.16.80 BETA. However, the call button would take users to an audio call in previous version. In this version, users could actually pick from audio and video. Still, it’s an active feature and users can’t initiate WhatsApp Video Calls.

After the latest WhatsApp update, the feature was removed, with speculations that the app’s developers are still working on it to offer the Video Calling option. According to rumors, the option may be available on an upcoming WhatsApp BETA version. And, when it’s released, many feel it’ll be first offered for Android OS, then added to Windows Phone, iOS and Windows 10 shortly afterwards.