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WhatsApp has released an OS X and Windows OS computer app – something people didn’t expect would happen. This means users can send messages, pictures and videos right from their computer.

WhatsApp On The PC

A negative aspect to the desktop version of WhatsApp is that it’s similar to the Web feature. Therefore, people who use the Web feature through their computer browser won’t find much of a difference. Now, there’s no reason to open the browser and go to Rather, they just need to open the application, use their smartphone to scan the QR code and that’s it!

Basically the new desktop app works to mirror conversations that show up on the smartphone app, and this means the smartphone must be Internet connected and the WhatsApp application must be opened.

Viber On The PC

After users have installed the Viber application onto their computer, they’ll need to log into their Viber account, but only after their account has been created via their smartphone.  The desktop application is going to run independently, meaning the smartphone doesn’t have to be Internet-connected. A real plus for Viber for the PC application, making the Viber desktop version better than WhatsApp desktop version.

Users can use stickers in their messages and make Video Calls, and there’s an option that lets them transfer calls from different devices.

Which One Is Better?

When it comes to Viber and WhatsApp PC versions, it’s not difficult to understand why Viber is preferred over WhatsApp. In order for WhatsApp to really compete, its developers will need to make an independent PC application. And, perhaps sooner than later, they’ll also offer the Video Calling feature in both the smartphone and PC versions.