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VMware had been planning to stop using the Flash-based vSphere Web Client, working with the HTML version instead. Today, VMware’s Fling website offers the vSphere web client.

Adobe is getting desperate, as more and more companies and individuals are moving away from it. The migration won’t stop until its developers find a way to plug the vulnerabilities it has up for good. In fact, its Adobe Flash Player for Windows and Mac browsers was recently updated to fix a bug that affect a number of Flash gaming content. But, there is still a host of problems associated with the program.

Vishwa Srikaanth said the decision was made years ago to stick with Flash, even any kind of developer tools or HTML5 has been created. Today, the circumstances have changed and the company is working tirelessly to eliminate its dependency on Flash so that it can offer better security, stability and performance.

VMware recently released its vSphere 6.0 update 2, which included the HTML5 host management interface. Plus vCenter is now equipped with the HTML5 interface.

The new client’s name is Fling, and VMware is asking its users to give them feedback so that they can offer regular updates for the code. Fling can work with the environments of vSphere 6.0 and can be used as a VM from the OVA. According to, there are an array of features offered:

  • Clone to Template/VM
  • Create VM on a Host (limited)
  • VM Console
  • VM Edit Settings (Disk changes, Memory and simple CPU)
  • Global Views (Recent tasks, Alarms-view only)
  • VM Migration (only to a Host)
  • VM Power Operations (common cases)
  • VM and Host Summary pages
    Supplementary monitoring views (Events, Performance charts and Tasks)

It also includes a new visual theme known as “Clarity”. However, the theme is currently in beta and has a couple of UI bugs that can be fixed.