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Although Flash Player isn’t a safe player on the market, millions of people still use it. And, even though many well-known companies have begun using HTML 5, there are still a number of websites that use Flash Player.

Why Users Need To Update Flash

In 2010, Google said it would ensure that automatic updates for its Chrome web browser so that its users could have a safe surfer experience. For anyone who uses Google Chrome for their web browser, chances are the Adobe Flash Player is already updated. For people using anther browser, it’s pertinent that the player is updated to the most current version available.

In order for folks to quickly get the latest Flash Player, they’ll need to hit the flash element on a website and hit Settings. Once done, they’ll need to choose “Global Settings, Flash Player Settings Manager and then Advanced. After that, they’ll need to make sure the Install Updates Automatically When Available Box has been checked.  This means that as soon as an update becomes available, the device will update its Flash Player.

For Folks Who Want to Uninstall Adobe Flash Player From Their Computer

People who’d rather not use Adobe Flash Player should consider just uninstalling it altogether from their computer. The process to do this is rather simple – just go to the computer’s Control Panel and visit the “Program and Features”, where a list of installed applications and Flash plug-ins have been installed onto the computer. Folks need to uninstall all plugins installed with the Adobe Flash Player.

For Mac OS X users, they’ll need to do visit the Adobe website to get the Flash Uninstaller installed on their computer. They’ll need to run the program and follow the instructions.