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We have to admit, the E3 event has been shockingly full of official announcements regarding games. Besides Resident Evil 7 and a revival of Bandicoot, for instance, we also learned more about the new Pokémon Go.

At the event, Nintendo announced that the new game will be paired up with a device. This will be a radar for virtual Pokémons. For instance, if you walk down the street and see the device has a green blinking light on, press the button and you will capture the creature found next to you. If you manage to catch it, you will see different colors blinking. This device was designed with the purpose of reducing screen time and will cost around $35.

The device is expected to be accessible by the end of July, though we will get to enjoy the app sooner than that, according to the information released by Nintendo.

But that’s not all! Also at the E3 we found out that we can pre-order this Pokémon Go Plus wristband on Amazon. The device is in fact linked to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Moreover, you will be able to use it in order to collect other items from the game from various PokeShop places, and you don’t even need to take out your smartphone for this.

There is also a downside to this. Nintendo said that for now, just the Pokémons from the Blue and Red versions are available. This might be sad for many users, but the bright side is that the company announced that they plan to introduce all the existing Pokémons in the game one day. Let’s just hope that this day will come pretty soon and we will get to enjoy all the Pokémon generations.