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These days, soccer fans are occupied with Copa América Centenario 2016 and UEFA EURO 2016 and in order to celebrate these events, Facebook has introduced a secret game called “Keepy Up”. The game can be played if you install the latest update for iOS and Android Messenger app and Facebook has provided instructions on how to do that.

Previously, Facebook has celebrated March Madness and the new NBA season with another secret game that was basketball-themed and it has been played over 1 billion times, proving to be a huge success. Now, Facebook has returned with a soccer-themed game called “Keepy Up” and it’s available in the latest update of Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android. Facebook already made the preparations earlier this month, when it introduced 1500 new emojis and among them was the soccer emoji.

If you don’t know how to play “Keepy Up”, Facebook has provided the instructions: “You can play with your friends in the Messenger app by sending the soccer emoji in an open Messenger thread and tapping on it to begin the game. The more times you tap the ball to keep it in the air, the more points you will get. Your high score will be shared with the friend or friends you’re playing with in the Messenger conversation.”

So, if you’re a true soccer fan, you will surely want to kick the virtual ball as many times as possible, to obtain a high score that will be posted in the chat window, where your friends can see it.

Another change that has been made to Messenger app is related to the home screen, as Facebook VP of Messaging Products, David Marcus, has said that “The inbox has always been this chronological list of threads. That’s a lot of real estate to use on mobile, when maybe only the first five threads are relevant to you at any given time”, so in keynote at the Wired Business Conference, he announced that the company is launching a more modular inbox within the new home screen.