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Minecraft has recently received an interesting update. Called “The Friendly Update”, it brings lots of new stuff and upgrades for the pocket edition of the game. One of these interesting features are horses. There is in fact a lot to learn about the horses in the game, some say too much. Let us just give you a couple of hints about them.

They are a passive group that have lots of functions in the Minecraft universe. You can ride them, tame them, feed them, breed them or craft some armor for them. Still, why should you care so much about them when there are lots of other interesting things in the game? Well, they are faster and they can jump more than any other player. They can even jump over fences. However, in order to control them, you have to place a saddle on them after taming them.

Meanwhile, you can also use donkeys if you need to carry anything, since they can even carry chests with 15 items. If you need a mule, you can simply breed a hose with a donkey. You can place 4 different armors on horses: diamond, gold, leather and iron. However, the only type of armor that can be crafted is the leather one.

If you need a horse to recover their health, you have to feed him carrots, wheat, hay or apples, but also other things you can find in the game. You can armor, mount the horses and used them to move faster than you would on foot. It’s great that they only need some food in order to heal, and you can lead and pen them easily. However, keep in mind that all the horses you will find are wild and you have to tame them first.