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A few days ago, Apple unveiled its brand new iOS 10, which is a massive iOS update introducing a lot of features. And although there are some Apple devices that won’t support the iOS 10 and will remain on their existing optimal versions, the first iOS 10 Beta is here – and chances are that it is already installed by many developers.

In case you are reading this post, chances are you are not one of those developers – but you still want to install iOS 10 Beta in a quick way. So, how to do it?

Aside from the iOS developer annual fee of $99, the iOS 10 Beta version had been locked for normal users until 2015, when Apple decided to roll out a public beta program for iOS. This type of program is the best way to get the iOS beta updates if you are not a developer, and still have the iOS 10 installed on your devices.

Yes – iOS 10 is a hot topic these days, and we definitely understand why the public wants this system on their devices as soon as possible. There is a shadier path to install the iOS 10 Beta version. It comes from a team of experts offering constant information on Apple’s restrictions and how to get away from them. The YouTube channel is called iCrackUriDevice and they have released a video that shows users how to install the first iOS 10 beta on any of the supported devices.

There is a way to install the iOS 10 Beta without even having a computer. All you have to do is search for an available link to a developer profile, install the profile directly on your iPad or iPhone and then install the iOS 10 Beta just like you would install your regular update.

This process is amazingly easy and fast. If you got lost and need a better iOS Beta 10 install tutorial, here is the video:

We hope that this approach will save you the time – and get you the iOS 10 Beta version you wanted so much on your devices.

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