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If you happen to be a Gmail power user like us, you’re probably looking for some tips on how to experience this mailing system more efficiently. Here is where we come in to present to you five awesome ways to get the most out of Gmail on Android.

Undo Send

This is actually the best option that you can have when sending an e-mail. Before Gmail’s undo send option, everybody knew that you had to write any email perfectly because it could not be taken back, much like most messaging services. And it’s very easy to use: whenever you send an email, an undo option will pop up instantly and you’ll be able to cancel it if you think it’s wrong.

Snooze emails

This feature enables you to set a time in accordance with your schedule for your emails to pop up which makes it easier to read them and reply. It’s not as easy to focus on them if they keep popping up during your work hours and you find yourself unable to answer or read them fully.


Gmail has text formatting options, much like any major messaging service. It allows you to modify text color, underline, write with italics and so forth.


The Gmail Inbox attachment system is very useful because it actually shows your recent files on the bottom of your screen and you can choose the more urgent ones from there. Not only that, but you can also open the camera app from within the Gmail app, take a picture and send it.

Google Now

The intelligent personal assistant can help you with whatever email related information or email writing you might need. All you have to do is start with the New Email command. It works best on simple emails that don’t need text formatting or attachments.