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One of the best ways people can kill time on their computer is to play Flash-based games. After all, they don’t have to download anything and there’s no need to have the most advanced gaming PC system out there. Flash games are certainly important and are still extremely popular. What kinds of Flash games are available for folks to play?


Arcuz is a fantasy action role-playing game that’s about as addictive as Zelda and games similar to it. Arcuz is divided into chapters that has various quests that need to be completed so the player can continue moving forward. These quests allows them to gain experience points that can be used in better their character’s attributes.


Players who want a free Minecraft-like game, Cubelands is it. It provides many of the same experiences seen with Minecraft where players will need to have resources to create their own stuff. There’s no survival element behind it but does have some major surprises to it.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that lets players control footmen and boost their ability to strategize during the game. It comes with 20 levels and an array of ways to attain upgrades, meaning hours upon hours of game play.

Monster MMORPG

Think of Monster MMORPG as if it were Pokemon combined with MMORPG. Players need to become the best trainer and capture the more than 650 monster variations. They need to train these monsters to become a strong ally and battle in the offered PvP games.

The Lost Titans

For people who love World of Warcraft, there’s the option of The Lost Titans, which is an open world-action adventure game. Player choose the hero they want to play from the three different classes and factions. They can customize their attributes and weapons along with their character’s looks. There is a PvP portion to the game, but players can still get involved in the side quests and storylines.