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WhatsApp’s developers have brought many improvements to this application in the past months and they won’t stop until they will make sure that all users will be fully satisfied. The latest addition is Quick Quotes, a feature that allows users to quote messages in a group conversation. WhatsApp 2.16.188 Beta can be downloaded from the Google Play store and it comes with all features that have been introduced lately.

Previously, WhatsApp’s developers have included end-to-end encryption, formatting options, limited support for GIFs, quick reply popups, and there were rumors saying that the calling feature is on the way. Then, a desktop version of the application came, although users still needed to scan the QR code with their phone’s camera, in order to login. Now, the latest beta version for Android, 2.16.188, brought “Quick Quotes”, a feature that allows users to quote a specific part of a conversation and reply to it.

So, how does this function work? In order to reply to a quoted message, users will long-press the speech bubble and when the contextual menu appears, you will see the old four options: Trash, Copy, Forward and Star, plus the Quick Quotes function. The icon looks like the reply button found in other messaging applications, and when tapping on it, you will see the quoted text above the reply window. The feature works not only for standard text replies, but also for media embedded ones, which means that you will “quote” an image or video and reply to it.

After sending the quoted message, it will appear above the contact’s reply, subheaded with the name of the user whose text was quoted, and the quoted message will appear with a designated color of the user. When other users will click on the quoted message, they will be taken to the original reply.

If the Quick Quotes option isn’t shown in the latest beta update, users are advised to reinstall WhatsApp 2.16.188 from the Google Play store.