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Valve hasn’t announced neither when Steam Summer Sale will kick off, nor what hot titles will be discounted, but there are some leaks according to which the event will begin on June 23 and will close on the Independence Day. Also, there are eight popular games that might be available at a deep discount price.

Gamers who own a PC and are regular customers of Steam are eagerly waiting for the annual Steam Summer Sale of 2016, to buy games at a discounted price. Valve, the creator of Steam, doesn’t usually reveal the date when the next event kicks off, but leaks surface on the internet and users know what to expect.

A Redditor called McFreemanBBQ has recently uploaded to the /r/Stream thread on Reddit a screenshot of a message according to which that Steam Summer Sale 2016 will start on June 23 and will end on July 4. The message was marked as “confidential” and it included even the exact hour when the event will kick off (9:45 a.m. PST), and will close (10 a.m. PST). The dates and times were written in Cyrillic in the screenshots, but since Steam is an international software distribution platform, Valve had to mention the Pacific Standard Time.

We can’t guarantee that the screen by McFreemanBBQ was obtained from a reliable source or if it’s fake, but the Redditor is known for providing other accurate insider info in the past. He was right when he predicted the start and end dates for the last year’s Steam Summer Sale, as well as other sales held by Steam.

Unfortunately, in the screenshot weren’t included the games that will be offered during this event, but according to Christian Daily, these are the titles that could be discounted: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Gone Home, Infamous: Second Son, NBA 2k16, Resident Evil HD Remastered, The Evil Within and Watch Dogs.