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This July will mark the release of Niantic’s Pokemon Go game – an augmented reality mobile game that is free to play. We don’t have an exact date for this because Nitendo did not specify it at the E3 event but it did confirm that the game will be released in July.

Apart from the release date, Nitendo also mentioned that there will be a game’s accessory, similar to smartwatches, which will be called Pokemon Go Plus and it will enable you to play Pokemon Go without the use of your smartphone. The price for the wearable accessory will be 34.99 dollars and it will be launched sometime after Pokemon Go’s release.

Some leaked footage from game testers showed that it features similar real-world exploration elements found in the Ingress game which was also made by Niantic and the gameplay is all about looking through your smartphone camera while the software basically puts the pokemons in the surrounding environment. Furthermore, you will be able to catch the famed creatures and become a trainer. You will also be able to travel to various places near where you live in order to capture pokemon or battle at gyms which are located at certain landmarks in the real world. Depending on the moment, the gyms will be controlled by one of these three teams: the Red team, the Yellow team and the Blue team. You will have to pledge to one of these teams by battling your pokemon.

Another thing that was presented at the E3 event was the fact that there will be candy rewards that trainers can use to evolve their pokemon. Regarding the legendary pokemon like Mewtwo and Zapdos, Nitendo has not decided yet whether it will organize local events in various cities where players can team up and look for them.

And finally, the game will also feature pokemon trading between players but this perk will not be available at launch.

Two more Pokemon Games – pokemon Sun and Moon are expected to be launch in November 2016.