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Yesterday, developer Grezzo released a brand new RPG game at the E3 entitled Ever Oasis which features building and managing a desert paradise by cultivating equipment, forming parties to explore various dungeons and solving fun puzzles.

The story of Ever Oasis is this: you are Thetu, a boy with the important task of creating a village in the desert. The village serves as a launching point for a mission to find his brother who has been kidnapped by evil forces.

The game was produced and directed by same person that directed the first Final Fantasy games and most of the Mana series – Koichi Ishii – and it has pretty impressive graphics.

In terms of gameplay, Ever Oasis is partially a management sim where Thetu has to build his village by gathering wanderers from various tribes found around the area. Those wanderers also join him in his quest to find his brother (which recalls dungeons and dragons gameplay) and help him battle adversaries and gather materials necessary to build the village. They also help with the puzzle solving and they appear to be some type of animal based characters, like owls or rhinos – they are adorable though!

There was a live demonstration at the E3 where people could see that shops could be created where players could drop off their items and those could then be sold to other adventurers. The live demo also showed the party in a dungeon exploring scenario and it features a combination between switching between party members during battle in order to use their particular abilities and puzzle solving.

We don’t know the game’s release date at this point, but it should be pretty fun when it does come out because it’s sort of like a Dungeons and Dragons game meets Final Fantasy design meets tribal stuff.