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E3 2016 has started, which means that we will have lots of news regarding games these days. Today we will talk about the new Minecraft: Pocket Edition version that has received the cross-platform multiplayer feature.

Mojang has announced that thanks to the latest update that it has released for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, players will be able to play this game along with their friends that play it on another platform.

In other words, if you play the Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your mobile device, you will be able to play in multiplayer mode with other friends who play this game from their Windows PC, Xbox One or Windows 10 Edition Beta devices, but also with gamers that will play Minecraft on their iOS mobile device or GearVR headset.

Along with the cross-device multiplayer feature, Mojang has also brought the ability for everyone to access the Realms feature that was previously available only in BETA. This will allow the players to rent professionally maintained Minecraft servers for a small monthly fee.

Mojang has added that the first month of use will be free, so that the players will see what they will receive if they will purchase a server. If you will purchase a server, that server will be up 24/7, which means that even if you are not online, your friends will be able to join the server and continue building what you have started. You can also set a password for your server, as there will be many annoying players who will randomly join a server just to troll the other players.

Mojang has also added new stuff to the new Minecraft version, as it comes with horses, City and Plastic texture packs, mutton, jungle temples, zombie villages and more.

The Minecraft: Pocket Edition is now live and you can install it from the Play Store.

Have you installed the latest Minecraft: Pocket Edition on your mobile device? Tell us your thoughts about it!