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Bethesda has announced that it will bring Fallout 4 to the Vive VR system. This has made many people very interested and, as expected, it brought a good amount of questions with it.

First of all, the users were asking how the company will convert the user interface to virtual reality, where it’s quite hard to overlay the text on the field of view. At the same time, some users were asking how the VATS combat system will function, as it is drastically slowing down the world and zooming in on the target, while others people were asking if by running vast distances in the wasteland would make them sick.

Unfortunately, Bethesda didn’t answer to all the asked questions, but it did come with a short demo. While the demo is showing how the game will look like in VR, it clearly hints the things that would be difficult to adapt.

The experience is quite different, because instead of using a controller or a keyboard, you will either have to walk around the Vive’s limited play space or “teleport” by pointing a remote. Instead of pulling up the pip-boy using a key press, you will find just have to look at your “invisible” wrist. To shoot, you will have to physically aim a gun and pull the Vive’s trigger.

Unfortunately, the experience is not that good, as the map is quite big and you are limited by Vive’s play space, which means that you will lose lots of time using the “teleportation” feature. In fact, sometimes, you will feel that running would be faster than just teleporting.

However, when it comes to shooting, it seems that it is quite fun, but then again, not many Fallout 4 fans play this game for shooting stuff and instead they enjoy crafting, exploring and do other stuff in this awesome game.

Hopefully, when Bethesda will release a full version of Fallout 4 VR, some of the functions will be developed better.

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