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Android N will be released in a few months, but Google rushed to introduce it to the Nexus users in March, along with the first Developer Preview. At its I/O annual developer-focused conference, Google has unveiled the first beta version of the upcoming operating system, which was stable enough to give third-party developers the go-ahead, to develop applications to devices that will run on Android N. The fourth Developer Preview was just released yesterday and we’ll tell you more about it below.

Users who enrolled in the Android Beta Program and who own a Motorola Nexus 6, LG Nexus 5X, Huawei Nexus 6P, HTC Nexus 9, Google Pixel C, General Mobile 4G or Sony Xperia Z3 device will get the latest Android N Developer Preview 4 over the air, but they can also download new factory images from the internet.

Android N Developer Preview 3 was released a month ago, being the first beta version of the upcoming operating system and yesterday, Google has announced that the fourth Developer Preview will arrive as an over the air update, which means that users will receive the notification in the next few days.

It seems that the APIs and the SDK are now final, so developers can start creating applications for Android N, as the new API level is now 24. Once they will be finished, applications that target Android N will be released as alpha beta or in production versions and they will be uploaded to the Google Play store, becoming available for users to test on their devices that run Developer Preview 4 of Android N.

Google still hasn’t found the right name for Android N and it asked for users’ help to offer suggestions on the websites launched specially for them. At the I/O, Android VP Dave Burke has joked on stage, offering “Namey McNameface”, and it’s all reflected in the Easter Egg in Developer Preview 4.