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Android users don’t have many privacy concerns, as Google has chosen HTML5 over troublesome Adobe Flash and their browsing experience is much better, but there are still many websites rich in content created on the Adobe Flash platform and in order to access it, a third party browser is required. Below, we’ll give you a list of browsers that offer a real Adobe Flash experience and which can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Dolphin Browser

After installing this browser, launch it and head to Settings, by tapping on the dolphin icon, the on the Web Content option. You’ll be sent to another page where you’ll select Flash Player and set it to Always on. Now, you will just visit a website that utilizes Flash Player and when you’ll be prompted to install the software, tap on download. Make sure that the Unknown Source option is enabled in the Security section, because otherwise, you won’t be allowed to install APK files from third party sources. Dolphin Browser won’t disappoint you and you’ll have a great Flash experience.

Puffin Browser

The next on the list is this browser which has some advantages. For example, it receives regular updates that support the latest versions of Flash and in order to get a PC browsing feel, the browser has the ability to imitate mouse and arrow keys. You don’t need to install the Adobe Flash APK, as the support is enabled by default. Also, it’s a free browser and it provides Flash content in the cloud, so it might offer a jerky playback experience, but the data is reliable.


As you know, Android stopped Flash when it released version 11.1, so if you installed a newer version, you might not benefit from some of the options offered by FlashFox, but overall, the browser works decently.