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As rumors suggested, Microsoft did reveal a new variation of the Xbox One console; this console is named “Xbox One S” and is 40% smaller than the original console. This is the slim version which was rumored to be announced at E3 and is completely different to Project Scorpio which is a new console.

There are several confirmed version of the Xbox One S and the only difference between the versions is the hard drive space. Microsoft have confirmed that there will be 500GB, 1TB and 2 TB versions; these will be released at the same time in August.

Despite the console being 40% smaller, it also features an integrated power supply and players also have the option to buy a stand that allows the console to be stored upright. This console will support 4k gaming and video however it is no more powerful than the standard Xbox One.

Microsoft also revealed a wireless controller for the Xbox One S; the controller will feature a new textured grip, extended range, customizable features and also Bluetooth that allows it to connect to a PC wirelessly. The new controller does not ship with the console, it’s an optional extra.

The new Xbox One S consoles will be released in August this year.

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