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As of yesterday’s announcement, the Xbox Scorpio is no longer a rumor. Microsoft officially announced Project Scorpio, which it claims to be “the most powerful console ever.”

A lot has yet to be revealed about this new console, which will join the other Xbox One consoles in 2017. From what was revealed though, such as its 6 teraflops of power and support for 4K games, it sounds as though the primary Xbox Scorpio rumors were true.

Announcing the Scorpio might have given Microsoft a great boost, unless it damages sales of the current Xbox One model and the Xbox One S. What’s unusual is that Sony is still waiting to announce the PlayStation Neo.

A few days prior to the E3 press conferences, Sony finally confirmed the rumors. An upgraded PlayStation 4 console, which will co-exist with the PS4 in this console generation, is being made. However, they did not intend to show it at E3, preferring to save it for a later date.

Likewise, Nintendo has shown nothing of its new console at E3. They announced far in advance that the Nintendo NX would not be featured at E3, as they are also saving its reveal for another time.

This, of course, leaves open plenty of room for speculation. If the rumored specs are true, the PS4 Neo is weaker than the Scorpio. After the Wii U, few players expect the NX to be on par with the strongest consoles. This means that the current feeling is that the Xbox Scorpio will not oly be “the most powerful console ever,” but will remain the most powerful console once its competitors come out.

Of course, there’s no way to know for sure. The PS4 Neo has yet to be revealed. We know next to nothing about the Nintendo NX. And even Project Scorpio’s specs haven’t been announced in their entirety yet.

Which do you think will be the most powerful console of these three? What do you think of Microsoft’s decision to announce Project Scorpio at E3, while the PS4 Neo and NX remain mysterious? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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