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The Steam Summer Sale is considered to be one of the highlights of the year for PC gaming and while the dates have not been officially announced, gamers should expect to see the sale starting sometime this month.

According to reports the Steam Summer Sale will begin during the final week of June; the latest leak says that the 2016 Summer Sale will begin on June 23rd and will run until July 4th to give gamers just over one week of the greatest PC game sale prices. This leak was posted on Reddit by a user who shared an image showing Valve’s planned timeline for this years events on Steam.

Valve has not commented on the leak and most likely will not confirm or deny this as the date gets closer; instead Steam users will be left to hope and fill their wishlists with games for the sale.

Many sequels have been announced at E3 so far and it’s safe to assume that the original games and various franchises will join the massive sale because of this. Fans are expecting to see franchises such as: Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Mafia, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls and more.

The Steam Summer Sale should begin on June 23rd and the ‘theme’ of the even is currently unknown.