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Bethesda officially confirmed rumors at E3 when they revealed that Skyrim will be getting a remastered version for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and also for PC.

Based on the E3 reveal trailer, it’s obvious that the game has had a graphics overhaul to raise the game to the new graphics standards set by the current generation of consoles. In addition to this, the console versions of the game will also be getting mod support. There has been no word yet about creating mods on consoles so it will most likely work the same as the Fallout 4 mods; players will be able to download mods created on PC.

It’s a surprise to many the this new version of Skyrim will be coming to PC; Skyrim fans on the PC have been modding the game since it was first released and some of the most popular mods are for graphics overhauls. For the most part, PC gamers can already get incredibly good graphics for the currently released 2011 version of Skyrim.

The new version of Skyrim is called “Skyrim: Special Edition” and the remastered version will be released October 28th.