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Ever since Pokémon GO was announced, Pokémon fans eager to try the augmented reality spin on the popular series have looked forward to participating in a beta. Niantic opened up Pokémon GO field tests, their form of a beta, to various regions. However, many regions still haven’t had a chance to enjoy Pokémon GO.

The field tests began in Japan, back in March. A month later, in April, they expanded to include Australia and New Zealand. After another month of anticipation, the United States received a field test in May.

Now that it’s June, will another region receive access to the field test? Will there ever be a Pokémon GO worldwide beta?

It is quite possible. With Pokémon GO’s reliance on physical locations, it’s the sort of game that really needs testers in a wide variety of areas. Future field tests could definitely help Niantic with the development of Pokémon GO.

However, the release date might factor into what happens with the beta. We still don’t know when Pokémon GO will be released, except that it’s planned for sometime this year. If the release date is sooner, rather than later, Niantic might forego further field tests in order to prepare the game for its full release.

E3 may provide us with some answers. Pokémon GO is on Nintendo’s schedule for the second day of live streams. Tomorrow, June 15, at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time, Nintendo’s second day of coverage will begin. Unlike the first day, it will include many different games.

Nintendo’s second day of E3 begins with a Q&A about Pokémon GO. It’s quite possible we’ll learn more about potential Pokémon GO field tests, or even its release date, during that Q&A. If not, at least we should learn valuable gameplay details.

If you live in one of the regions that already had a Pokémon GO field test (Japan, Australia, New Zealand, or the United States), let us know your thoughts on it. If you live in another region, are you hoping for a Pokémon GO beta for your location, or would you rather wait until the full game is ready?