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As expected, the PlayStation Neo was not at the PlayStation E3 conference yesterday; Sony confirmed the existence of the console but they announced it would not be at E3 this year. Despite the announcement, Sony fans were still hopeful that there would be something about the console to counter the list of console announcements that were made by Microsoft earlier that day.

The PlayStation Neo has been rumored to be created with Virtual Reality in mind, just like Project Scorpio from Microsoft. It will be the most powerful Sony console to date and will also display games and blu-ray in 4K resolution; the specs for the console have been rumored so far but nothing official has been revealed, it is expected that the console will feature a stronger CPU and graphics core however.

From October 2016, games for the PlayStation 4 will need to have two modes. The first is “Base Mode” which will play the game on the current PS4 console and the second is “NEO Mode” which is specific for the new console.

PlayStation Neo does not have a release date yet but fans are expecting to see the console late 2017; if Sony was planning to release the console sooner then they would have brought it with them to E3 this year.