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Why is OnePlus 3 known as the ‘flagship killer’ – and not another smartphone model that is ready to face many sales?

Well, there is a great story behind this nickname. As you may know, breaking into the smartphone market with a new model is nearly impossible. There are new iPhones, Galaxy phones on top of the market – and then there are SONY, HTC, LG and Xiaomi and other brands competing in the second round. However, Apple and Samsung secure more than 90% of the worldwide smartphone profits.

And then, there are low end Chinese smartphone companies like OnePlus. However, OnePlus is not the ordinary Chinese smartphone at a rock bottom price – it is a model that is revolutionary and can take the world by a storm just like Xiaomi.

oneplus 3 review

What is so special about OnePlus 3?

First and foremost, OnePlus has broken their practice of making mid range handsets and true flagships. They got off great with the popularity the OnePlus One received and OnePlus 2 was definitely a great improvement. However, OnePlus 3 is an entirely different machine – and a true masterpiece behind OnePlus.

Many people know the OnePlus 3 as ‘the flagship killer’ in every sense possible. This nickname originates from its specs – which are as good as any top smartphone on the marketplace. And although the specs don’t really have to mean anything, OnePlus phones have shown the market that they are special.

oneplus 3 review

That being said, the OnePlus 3 is something similar. At first sight, it will amaze you with its premium metal-and-glass combination design. Similar to the HTC One but also blending something from the iPhone and Galaxy models, it is stylish and sleek. The phone is only 7.35mm thin and 18% lighter and 3mm more narrow than the previous model. Therefore, it is more comfortable to hold and use than the previous models – but according to the users, even better than the iPhone 6s Plus and Galaxy S7 edge.

Featuring a premium 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4, the screen is made of top-notch materials. There is also a fingerprint scanner and a dual SIM card tray. The 16 megapixel camera features an f/2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization as well as electronic image stabilization. OnePlus 3 also shoots in 4k – and keeps the videos stable.

oneplus 3 review

The quality of images clearly shows that OnePlus 3’s camera is among the focal points of this phone. Combined with the 6GB of RAM memory and the powerful camera features, the phone shows that it is quick enough and a great option for every photography enthusiast.

AMOLED display ready and supporting premium 1080p HD, it comes with two 2.2 GHz cores paired with two 1.6 GHz cores and an Adreno 530 GPU. Having all the best features that matter, the OnePlus 3 does not lack a single feature – which is why it’s called the flagship killer coming at an affordable price.

In the end, upgrading to the OnePlus 3 from the OnePlus 2 is definitely worth it, unlike many other upgrades known for the Galaxy and iPhone models which aren’t worth it. After all, with the OnePlus 3 you will always get a real bang for the buck, not to mention the upgraded feature list that is amazing.

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