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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was officially released last week on June 7th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and also for PC. The PC version of the game was released as an Origin exclusive, the EA digital game distribution platform.

The UK weekly chart has officially been released for last week and despite the somewhat lack of promotion for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst the game has taken second place for the week; Overwatch is still in first place for the third week running.

The sequel to the critically acclaimed parkour game follows the main protagonist, Faith, and tells the story of her origins as she fights to overthrow the conglomerate that rule over her city. The game has also been described as a ‘reboot’ which could mean that fans have more Mirror’s Edge games to look forwards to.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a first person action-parkour game set in a futuristic city; the game is available for a variety of platforms and also offers a multiplayer mode to players.