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Injustice 2 was officially announced last week ahead of E3 and more news about the game will be released soon however some of roster might have been ‘leaked’ ahead of the reveal.

The game is a direct sequel and continues the story that was established in the first game; it follows Batman and his allies as they deal with the last of Superman’s regime however, there is a new threat rising at the same time.

The Creative Director of NetherRealm Studios shared an image on Twitter of an Injustice 2 t-shirt. Ed Boon displayed the shirt to show what was being given away at the Season 3 ESL Mortal Kombat finals which take place this weekend; the shirt clearly displays logos and iconic items from specific DC superheroes.

The shirt shows nine different symbols however only eight of these are identifiable, the last one is currently unknown due to the wrinkles in the shirt. It features images from: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Captain Cold and also Doctor Fate.

The final image looks to be a shield, this could potentially be several heroes however the most famous one would be Wonder Woman; considering this is on a promo t-shirt, it would make sense that the team would use the most iconic and loved characters for it.

More details on Injustice 2 will be released soon.